Well to tell you the reasons I like buffers are that for one thing you get your money worth on the average buffet cost maybe $ 12 dollars for all you can eat that to me sounds like a great deal. Because remember buffets have a lot of different choices to pick from if you like chicken or ribs a good buffet will have it all you name it they have it but keep this in mind some buffets menu changes from day to day. Because everybody has their own favorite foods. And another thing before you take your family it will be a good thing to check online to see if that buffet has any health or code violations that is very important why because you can get very sick with things like viruses and infectious. When it comes to your family you should protect it at all cost no matter what because that is the number one way things like viruses get transmitted from direct contact with a person who has a virus or something else. So when you go to a buffet it would be very wise to take so wipes so you can use it for the utensils so their are no direct contact with someone else because be real when you have a lot of people in one big space viruses and other germs because their are many different ways things can spread.


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