Proof writing courses

As a freelance proofreader and copy editor you can earn a worthy income making sure that written copy is error free and professional. Making your share can be profitable, fun and will permit you the freedom to fit work around your lifestyle.

So how do you indicate a proofreading course to meet your specific needs? First decide what type of course you need: basic proofreading or something more specialized and technical. Then decide whether it should be offline or online. That decision will depend on the spare time you have to attend college – if you are now in employment will you be given time off work to attend college? Is this an official course that your secure is subsidizing, or are you doing it yourself?

Proofreading Skills and Commune aid’s editing and courses are designed for anyone who creates written communication. Whether editing your own work or your colleagues’ documents, you will be given techniques and tips on how to work with a wide range of documents – emails, brochures, letters, web pages, reports and more. By using similar techniques to those used by professional editors you will learn to proofread and edit your doc. so that they are fit for purpose, clear to the reader and error-free.

Create a “watch list” to help simply identify verbal tics and problem words found in your writing. Edit for style and understand the importance not only of what is said, but also how it’s said

Improve your editing skills and proofing and implement what you learn in your next business document. Develop a company style sheet that simplifies proofing and confirms consistency throughout your organization

Supervisors, team leaders, Managers, administrative professionals and every member of your organization can develop his or her grammar and proofreading skills; and gain respect, confidence and credibility!


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