The first thing I would like to say is that some artist just have a special gift that is god giving talent and ability to stay on top of their professions for decades but have to remember that everything takes talents. Now I am going to give you my personal five artists that aren’t in the rock and roll hall of fame. First is the rap group nwa which was very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s also they at the times a little controversial but they spoke the true for that reason and good album sale plus concerts attendance they should be in the hall of fame.

Next on my list is janet jackson who comes from a famous family but janet jackson has been able to stand on her own and she is a  artist that has sold  million of albums worldwide. And she can also act is well janet jackson has been in many films which have done good at the box office. And remember as for performing on a big stage she has done that to remember at the super bowl she perform with great rhythm her and justin timberlake own that stage that was my personal favorite performance. If you are a true fan janet jackson has an unbreakable world tour coming to fort lauderdale, florida on wednesday march 9, 2016 go to ticketmaster details.

Nine inch nails was founded in cleveland, ohio in 1988 by trent reznor this group has had a great fan base for years they have also sold out many different venue in many different states where they performed at the fans come out in numbers. Their albums have been great sellers in  their tours have been a positive experience when they were touring. Now I think they may get their honor because they are nominated to go in the rock and hall of fame so my personal opinion is they should get inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Then I have a group that is under the radar the name is a tribe called quest the group was formed in 1985 tribe called was a group that don’t get a lot of press and radio play but despite their low key approach. They still were able to have good album sells in did good with concert attendance but in my own opinion they should have more to show for their career in the music industry.

Finally we have willie nelson who began his career in a radio station in texas where in the mid 50’s he record songs because was the disc jockey. That is where he found his passion in his era willie nelson were considered the gold standard there was nobody that we better then him.  Willie nelson also was a songwriter for other artist in the music industry so in has era he was a popular act in the music industry but for true fans some time willie nelson schedule for tours that are coming up. He has some events coming up in different area united states one being at the Miccosukee resort and gaming the date in time is saturday march 5, 2016 check back for a time. And he has an event in daytona beach,florida on saturday may 28, 2016 again check back for start time.

This person isn’t on my list but I think should also get some praise for has career the person I am referring to is nile rodgers who has been nominated many times before.


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