You are probably heard about the fact that over half of your traffic to your website, will actually leave your site within a few seconds and this traffic is just wasted, right? What if there is a solution that will help you to also monetize this leaving traffic off your site, well there is solution called Exit Splash.
This is software out there that is pretty much easy to use if you want to increase your sales and subscribers. I have pretty much used it myself and it helped me increase both sales and subscribers for my list. See, a lot of people just waste their time because the matter of the fact is that many people who first come to your site will leave and never come back to it. This is the sad part because there are a lot of marketers out there who are pretty much giving their all when it comes to generating as many visitors to their site as possible. Almost every internet marketer is using exit splash script on their websites – in other words Exit Splash is incredible popular these times, because it just works as described. But it is really worth it to install Exit Splash on your website? Well it depends on your niche. An Exit Splash page is a special web page that your visitor is taken to as an alternative to leaving your website.
It is a very simple fact that many people are not going to take the time to read or view the content on your page. The nice part about this software is that when someone tries leaving your site, an unblockable box will pop up and give them a reason to stay on your site. The visitor will click to stay on your site, and they will be directed to an “Exit Splash” page.
You can pretty much ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or you can offer your product for a lesser price. You will be amazed at how many people will give you their info or buy your product with the exiting software.
With this software, you can pretty much just copy and paste and it is not that hard to install into your site. The user-friendly software gives you many options to choose from like:
You can “stack” Exit Splash pages to show an even LOWER price if they try to leave the discounted offer on your first Exit Splash page.
You could send your exiting visitors to a special “One Time Offer”.
You could simply set up ONE Exit Splash page and use it for all your sites.
You can use audio.
You can use the exit page to ask your visitors why they have left without buying your product.
You can sell other related products other then the one you are selling as your own.
You will also get things like:
Viral Twitter Box Script
Exit Page Templates
Impact Graphics Package
HTML for Beginners Video Series
Tools Section Containing the Code Generators

What is this Exit Splash thing, so many people online are talking about, actually? It is an online marketing script, an online software application. A script that you can put up on your website, to improve the probability that you actually sell something to your website´s visitors. And how does it actually do this? Having Exited Splash installed on your website, it will present your visitors with another opportunity to buy something, whenever they perform any action to leave your website. And you can define what exactly the visitor will receive at this moment: you can send him to another sales page; you can redirect him or her to some other site of yours, to an opt-in page or box, and many others.
I know that you may have questions – for example if it will work or not and so on. I can honestly tell you that there is 60 days money back guarantee that will help you to protect your investment into this plugin. If it will just not work at all or if you will be unhappy, you can receive your money without any questions at all. It is like a guarantee that it will work for you otherwise author will lose his money. Also if you decide to purchase Exit Splash, you will receive 10s of training videos how to optimize your exit splash campaign to the max, in other words they will teach you how to use it properly. Also you will receive special bonuses for example templates, training videos as I mentioned and much more (more information on the official website).
Exit Splash program gives you an opportunity to open a new channel of communication with them, to capture their attention, and turn that potentially wasted visitor into a lead or a sale.
There are many ways you can use exit splash, as long as you have a website or blog or paid advertisements. the creator of Exit Splash, implemented the following features: a warning window that asks if your visitor if they are sure that they want to leave; a visual image that gives your visitor an alternative to leaving; an audio message to persuade your visitor to take action; a final page that offers a discount to increase the chance of a sale, now who wouldn’t want that?
You can never have too much money in this economy so I discovered an alternative way to make money on the internet while sitting at home. If you are interested you can learn how to make money by reviewing products on the internet especially products you like on Type At Home.

Exit splash is fun, easy to use, customizable by you, cheap and it will generate tons of traffic and profit for you, so what are you still waiting for? Well, Exit Splash is going to make a great effect on your Internet marketing strategy … Exit Splash is an advanced web program that allows anyone to convert … This script lets you redirect your exit traffic to a web page that you can convert them into real potential buyers who make you a lot of money online.
Most popular plugin among all internet marketers.
I didn’t find any at all.
And that’s a problem because it means you’re wasting a percentage of your web traffic, and you’re not making any money from it. In most cases, the majority of your visitors are leaving without taking any action. Even if you have a “good” converting sales page, you probably have 95 out of 100 visitors leaving your site without taking any action.
Ever wonder why you visit some websites and you are about to exit, a pop up window comes up with a promo? Well Exit splash does the same which means you can get it to on your website to drive more traffic where you will make them irresistible offers driving more traffic to your website and increasing your daily profits….. An Exit Splash page is a special web page that your visitor is taken to as an alternative to leaving your website.
The legit version of the Exit Splash – Web Page Exit Makes Money is not distributed through other stores, even though you might come across several other sites that link directly to the payment web page. Having said that, it is best to click through to the vendor’s website to find out the most inexpensive price and then download. You can reach vendor’s web site from this link directly.

This software will blow your mind and increase sales for your business because this is a truly a blessing you say why because you can control everything that goes on with your websites and how much traffic you generator. The thing I like about this software is that you let it do all the work and you just get all of the benefits that exit splash provide so please listen up this is your calling if you don’t want a lot of traffic don’t buy this software. Now the people who are listening and who like making extra money online this is for you. Profits from this can range from maybe $ 100 to 500 dollars depending on how many programs and advertising because like everything else in life you have to promote your website to. Then after you do that checkout email marketing this method will increase sales to because you will get people’s email addresses legally and everything. For you to get a better understanding I am going to tell you what email marketing is basically in a nutshell you get someone’s email address legally then when a product you have to know when it is coming out the best time to do this is about two to three weeks ahead of the product going mainstream. All of these methods will work if you put in the time for you to see some success because everything in life you have to put your best foot forward. So you would like to be a top dog when it comes to affiliate marketing this can be a cut throat business because you are competing with other people’s because they are going after the same thing you are. Like I am telling you there are so many avenues you can take but pick the one best for and your business. And you know the best part about this whole thing is that the software is free to download if you know how but I don’t know how long it will be free so if I was you I would jump all over this. Some people ask how much do you need traffic to be a success well you want to get as much as you can and you have to remember just because a person visits your website it doesn’t mean they always buy sometimes they just like to see how your website look. And you must keep this in mind just because it is a software don’t mean it will work on your computer check beforehand to see if you can download the software to your computer. So let me repeat myself this is to increase sales or for getting traffic to your websites that you have created and email marketing is very important to and you can pay an email marketing company to do all that for you and you do nothing do that sounds good to you remember to do this traffic is all you need. Like I have repeated to you if you just think that everything is just going to fall into your hands that aren’t how things work and you know that to and you must be willing time put 100 percent in your business. This is basically self promoting you and whatever you are marketing and all the methods I have showed you should help you promote the product but to set up your website to make it easy to use and understand because if customers are having a hard time reading anything most likely they aren’t going to buy anything from the website. Just promote however you see that is more better for you remember it is all about getting traffic to your website and hoping they buy something. Because to be honest to get the most you can you have to use all of the methods I have told you about for example doing just one isn’t good because you are just tapping into one source you would like to get to as many people as you can why the more people the better chances of customers buying the products. That is why promoting is so important because it can make you or break you trust me that will not fill good this industry is just like the entertainment business everybody is trying to make a dollar just like you. Because at the end of the day it is all about making as much money as you can there always a new product that people for things like there home and there cars.







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