The big number of different advances in gesticulation, direct manipulation and speech recognition method cannot change the fact that typing is the most wide spread kind of human – computer communication. A psychologist has been studying typing for over hundred years now, as thus ability has steadily entered the everyday life. Computer skills are required in every educational institution and work. As email communication and instant messaging gradually turned out to be the most expensive form of personal and business communication, a skill of typing fast without error in proves the professional representation of an individual and also saves his time.

Typing is the most widely used and effective method of human to computer connection. That is why typing is indispensable.  As you must have known, typing is the process of writing or inputting text by pressing keys on a typewriter, computer keyboard, cell phone, or calculator. It can be distinguished from other means of text writing such as handwriting and speech recognition. It has many advantages. By typing properly and effectively, avoiding the hunt-and-peck technique, a lot more done can be done in a smaller amount of time. Typing emails, letters, memos or papers at a faster pace can save your company several minutes, even hours compared to those others who wander their way around the keyboard. Besides, if you want something done quickly and efficiently, a professional, exceptional typist is all you need.



It speeds out your functional duties and processes.  A high typing speed is decisive, because it makes the functional and organizational processes faster, saving time. Good typing skills reduce both concentration and physical pressure, improves clearness of information displayed, and make simpler the editing process. Typing is central when it comes to employee selection, it reduces physical selection, and it requires less force to type than anything to write down on a pen. After all, information typed is presented in a briefer manner. Typing skills is the second on the list of leading time saving tips. Skill to type fast is to use time saved in other functions and therefore opens more room for other developments in your company.

The Future Is Constantly Changing. The world of computing devices is continually changing. When computers first became a popular tool, they were large bulky boxes that took up a vast amount of space on a desk or table. Now there are powerful computing devices that can be carried anywhere you go. Laptops and netbooks have brought a new aspect of computing through their portability. Even tablets have amazed us with their small size and touchscreen display. Computers will continue to change, but no matter what technology companies come up with next, one thing will remain the same – they all require excellent typing skills which are not only about proper wrist placement or knowing where the keys are located on a keyboard but having fast speed and a high percentage of accuracy which will lead to an increased general productivity of the organization.


It increases organizational efficiency. Typing enhances efficiency in your company or organization since the professional typist utilizes all his efforts into the company’s paperwork and all essential documents ranging from emails to business letters. For example, he or she utilizes all his fingers rather than only a couple of fingers. Because of this, the company administrative section is effectively functioning, channeled through the judicious use of the services of the typist and thus increasing the overall efficiency of the organization or company.

It is cost effective. A cost effective method of maximizing the company resources, the services of a professional typist cannot be underestimated. Having an excellent typist who is very versatile is largely essential to your company and it will improve and increase the finances of such organization. The typist may choose to carry out his typing duties at home, after leaving his place of work so as to complete or fine tune the paper works and relevant documents. Thus, it is beneficial financially to the company.

It reduces physical and mental fatigue of employees.  Typing is not very demanding on the personal brain as opposed to the traditional handwriting by the pen. This reduces mental duress from the side of other employees if the services of a professional typist are acquired. On the side of the typist, it also reduces mental fatigue. This, thus becomes a win-win situation and will help in moving the company forward. The typist particularly can type without looking at his keyboard. Another key typing benefit is that it is less tiring as it distributes work over all the fingers. Furthermore, since touch typing encourages flowing and natural movement of fingers, it leads to less stress. The brain therefore does not require coping with two different issues like locating keys and also focusing on the thing, which is the output, lowers mental fatigue dramatically, which in turn consequentially helps to the overall progress of the company.

Other benefits include;

Conference and interview transcription

Detailed reports in multiple document format

Book manuscripts- digital and copy typing

Medico legal reports

Building survey reports

Property and Building Inventories

Foreign language translations

Emergency cover for administrative personnel that are sick or away

Flexibility in all company paper works and documents

All of these benefits will hasten and speed up the rate at which your company is vastly growing and will help you reach the peak. It is essential and very paramount that you acquire the services of a professional typist!

And type at home is a great program to be  in because you control everything you pick how much you would like to type you can do this from anywhere you can be at home or at a cafe shop where you are don’t matter. Sometimes you can be working for a fortune 500 company or your local organization you will always be needed know matter to get you to understand I am going to put repeat what I am saying over and over again so you will not forget anything. And there is know position you just pick what you want and how much you want that is all but some assignments have deadlines that must be met for example pick your assignment with that there is a timetable they may say it has to be done in three days. But being a typist comes with a lot of responsibilities because sometimes assignments comes with a lot of guidelines. because when you hit older years you may start preparing for when you get old so you can have some extra income to live off of because by the time you get there you don’t know how much the cost to live. Because you also have to think about the future I know we are talking about 40 years down the line but you know that this day is coming when you will not be able to work anymore. I know what you are asking yourself what about social security that is nice but that will not be enough. On average when you get social security you are just above the poor level then you must think about how you are going to budget your income because it will not be much. So starting typing can be a different way to earn extra money because when you start earning extra money you can start putting it in the stocks to more out of your money. But remember this is an investment it can go good or bad because it is just like gambling it is all a game of chance you will when some you lose some but with investing It is command that you have someone you trust handling that for you. Because investing in anything can get tricky so get someone who has great vision to understand how investments work because if you don’t know what you are doing you may put yourself in trouble. So when dealing with any investments please get professional help you will need it and another warning please don’t start gambling because I have seen what gambling can do to a person and there families please don’t start gambling. Now back to typing this can start a great career for example you can be making anywhere from a $ 100 dollars to $ 200 dollars depending on how much you do but remember some assignments or projects may have start and finish times this has to be a priority for so many different reasons. One being that someone is counting on you to get a project done if you don’t have the time please put your life in order to start typing full time. Their are so many avenues you can take you can pick part time or full time which ever one fits your life and sometimes you can pick how many assignments you would like to do. The like I have already said the pay is great because typing can just be extra income or when you get ready to retire from your primary job this can be a great back up plan. Because anything in life you must have a plan b because sometimes thing don’t go as plan because if you are really good maybe this can replace your entire income but you have to be good at what you are doing. Everything is under your control you pick what you would like to type and when you will like to type and the best part about all of this is you have know boss that is the icing on the cake because be honest nobody likes someone looking over them at all times. And you can work at your own speed the only catch is that some projects or assignments have deadlines that must be met. Now I am going to repeat everything I have said now typing is a great second income because you control everything and like I have said everybody needs extra money be real who don’t need extra only the rich and famous. So if you aren’t rich this may be for you back to social security is good for people that can live on a budget but if you are a custom to a different way of living this may be a wake call that you will not like. Type at home.com is a great tool to showcase your talents because typing I think is a talent some people may disagree with me but that is there own opinion. Because with all talent you must practice your craft to perfection so you will not make any mistakes but mistakes are going to happen you aren’t a robot. And the best part about this is if you would like to go on a vacation now have the extra money you need to do so you and your family can live a better life so typing can be your calling you just have to have that passion for it. Typing opens so many doors to make a lot of money some you can use on yourself others the rest you can use on your family this is a great change to make an honest living doing something for other people or companies. Just you are helping someone or companies and they are paying you pretty good so in my eyes that is a win and a win on both sides for all parties and remember the best part I told you no boss now do that sounds good to you. So if I was you I would start making some extra money for retirement because you know you are going to need some extra income because remember you will be able to work anymore this can be something that can help you start planning for your retirement if you are 50 plus this is the time. Or you can start earlier if you would remember everything is in your control you have the power and what about if something happens to your wife or husband whatever you have what if something happens to your partner how are how going to live on a single income. This is where type at home.com comes in to play you always have to have a plan because you never know what is around that corner.




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